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Unknown Person

December 16 2016
Came across this outstanding resource after finding a need to re-polish my accounting skills:

Lot's of great reference material here, along with great lead-ins to more technical aspects of costing principles, valuation, and ratio analyses - and all presented through a very polished user experience.
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
December 16 2016 Permalink
I'm looking at it as online learning resource. This looks very well executed!
Unknown Person
December 21 2016 Permalink
As a passive source of information it's been outstanding - content, organization, navigation. With lifetime "pro" access priced at US$49, I am curious though how well it's being monetized in light of the value being offered. I am only refreshing to help with another venture so haven't yet tried the paid content, but having worked within the Big 4 and various clients I can certainly see the additional benefits being of interest.

I would think paring organized and progressively measured content consumption like this with an interactive platform like Anahita would be even more compelling, perhaps even supportive of some kind of tiered access pricing or annual subscription - e.g., if my memory is correct CPA's are required to maintain 40 hrs education annually / 120 hours every 3 years in order to maintain their certifications.
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