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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

April 04 2018
We've reached a milestone with the Anahita React app. All the basic People and Actors operations are working now. These are the BREAD operations as well as follow/unfollow, block/unblock, login, logout, signup, and password reset. This took a while, because we had to research and experiment with different design patterns. This sets the path for the upcoming features. The code is still wet. For example actions can be more DRY and I'm still thinking of ways to make the components more reusable. Next would be operations that require file upload for avatars and cover. Also the other actor settings such as privacy, apps, etc. There are REST APIs missing for those which need to be implemented. You can see the React App codebase here and star it if you can just to give it some traction: #Anahita #ReactJS #ReduxJS #MaterialUI
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