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5 days ago
Hi all,
I’m the CEO and co-founder of Crosscope ( We are all in one AI-powered digital pathology engagement platform to share, archive and solve medical cases in real time.

We have built our collaboration platform for physicians on the Anahita Social Engine. We absolutely love Anahita and I highly recommend this. We are big fans of the open source community and are constantly contributing via participation.

We are looking for a Full-Stack Developer experienced with Anahita framework on a short term basis for upgradation of our AI-based deployments and new feature additions on our platform.

Required skills:
1. Has extensive knowledge of PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
2. Can collaborate and work closely with in-house technology developer.
3. Demonstrates both proficiency and understanding of solid design principles and front-end developments.
4. Good communication skills.

*Stipend shall be based on skills and experience & will be discussed while hiring. Productive completion of the project will lead to multiple opportunities for bigger projects in the future.

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