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Arash Sanieyan

Arash Sanieyan

April 06 2011
Hi rob here are the links for your posts that we answered. I suspect that you're not getting any notifications. Let me know if you have received notifications for either of the following topics
Rob Jameson
Rob Jameson
April 06 2011 Permalink
Yeah, they way I've checked for responses was to come back to the profil here and see if you had responded. I can see by going back to the actual page there is responses.
Ok that's not a good way :) you should receive mail notifications for the responses and apparently you're not receiving them also you must check your dashboard and not your profile. If I respond to a topic you get the news of it on your dashboard and not your profile.

Can you check your spam box see if the anahita mails goes there ?

Also Your profile only contains stories from you and not others.

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