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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

June 04 2011
Development of Anahita ™ Pages have officially started.
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Cool. Why don't you enable this pretty app for this group? :) Can't wait to see a demo.
haha ... it has to be ready first. It will be a super simple app that maintains a list of pages + their revisions. It allows everyone on the group to collaborate and edit the pages or comment on them. We need it for our documentation.
James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
June 04 2011 Permalink
Will it eventually become like a personal blog for each profile or are you guys just waiting to see how it takes shape. Obviosuly the wonderful wordpress leads the way in this blogging world for me - but do you think it will have some of these features - it would be a perfect fit with my site to allow users to start there own blogs/pages ;)
No blogging will be a separate app. I know the main ingredients are very similar, but the context is very different. Blog posts are always in chronological order and they don't necessarily require content revisions. Blogs are mainly maintained by the profile owner(s). Most important of all, blogs are for real time content that are fresh today and old tomorrow.

Pages are for more timeless content such as documentations, brain storming, tutorials, etc. Every time a page is saved a new revision is created. If the Profile owner(s) where not happy with the recent changes, they can always roll back to an older revision.
James O'Sullivan
James O'Sullivan
June 15 2011 Permalink
Understood Rastin, blogging would be certainly a different animal to this. I will hold off my thoughts here until I get to see it in action. Thanks again

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