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June 07 2012
Ok, here we go, we putted online a signup page for our little hack-side project: and you can follow it on twitter @getfeathers...

a little hint on what is all about and why we did it: (If you like i'll really appreciate some upvoting and comments on hackenews)
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Here the hacker news text that tell you a little bit more about it:

In our team, we all like to write. We want to share our thoughts and opinions. But blogging has it's own set of limitations and expectations that don't always fit with how we write.
You need to manage a platform (either hosted or as a service) with everything that comes with it - setting up a theme, defining tags, categories and so on. You need to constantly write otherwise a new visitor may think your 2 month old blog post outdated and that you've moved on. Visitors also expect consistency of topic, while we may want to write a variety of posts about different aspects of our life and being. A flame post about the actress we hate, or a personal post about how life is going in general. What's more, the internet as we know it never forgets, while our opinions change.
The word "Blog" comes from the combinations of the words "web" + "log", meaning that all blogs result in a list of all articles. We want to focus on each article and we want to give that article only to our readers. There are enough networks and services that allow you to share what you write with interested people, why do we need them to register and follow your blog as well? Rather than taking up your time to create an intricate blog, why not just offer a direct link to the article and save your readers time too? When that article is no longer relevant, and is not shared or read anymore, we believe it should slowly and automatically disappear.
We believe writing is an important part for everybody's personal growth, but a blog with all it's limitations and expectations can be daunting to the casual writer. If you are curious and believe in our manifesto check out and sign up. We will open it up for everyone soon.

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