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I am seriously considering removing the milestones as well. We never used them and it adds unnecessary complexity to the app. Has anybody's life depended on the milestones feature?

Anahita Todos 1.6-Branch is ready

The Anahita Todos BREAD has been baked for the 1.6 codebase. Search and inline edit need to be fixed. We'll visit those later. Oh and story updates for when todos are opened or closed need to be added too.

I have started updating Anahita™ Todos for the Anahita 1.6

Anahita™ Todos 1.6-branch is created

Still 2 more bugs. We will fix those in the next couple of days and release another embryo. I closed many to-do items today which is why we aren't going for a Birth release yet. Let's use the app for a few more days and make sure that it is Birth worthy.

New embryo package is now available for download. Milestone end dates are very subtle. No they don't notify you, but they change color once an end date is passed. I've also added form verification to the milestone and todo lists.

Notifications settings have been added too. Next step @ash is going to test the migration code that I have written one more time and we are going to make an embryo package. We will also update Anahitapolis with Anahita ™ Todos and proceed with retiring the Anahita ™ Projects app.

Looks like the new Anahita ™ Todos embryo release is pretty much ready. We just have to test, merge with the trunk and update Anahitapolis. We will also make a package available for download, and remove Anahita Projects. The code for the Anahita ™ Projects will be archived, but we don't think we are going to use it anymore.

I have started developing the Anahita ™ Todos

There will no longer be any todo lists. Todos can now be directly assigned to the milestones. Both todos and milestones are hashtagable nodes.
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Anahita Todos 1.6 branch is almost ready. I just need to test the generated stories and organize the translation file. Probably a couple more hours work.

All the browse, read, and delete are working for Todos. Now I just need to get the add and delete working

Anahita™ Todos is mostly ready for the 1.6-branch code

Do you think that the todos app is now ready to be a Birth release?

BREAD, close, and open operations on the todo-items are now a lot more user friendly. Package has been updated as well.

Anahita ™ Todos is coming together nicely. Todo items are now added on top of the list regardless of their priority, then they are ordered according to the priority once the page is refreshed. I've also added End Date to the milestones. Going to do some polishing tomorrow and make a new embryo package ready.

The privacy bug fix has been applied to Anahita ™ Todos. Now the profile admin can set whether followers or admins can create to-do items, to-do lists, or milestones.

still debugging the migration script for Projects to Todos app then I can polish Anahita Todos with real data.

Just an update that the Projects social app will be discontinued. We will be taking out the todo-list manager and make it available as a social app and from that point we will be using the Groups for creating projects.

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