Photos App - Project

Photos App - Project's Notes

All the #JQuery implementations for the #PhotosApp is done. Or at least the first iterations of it.
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I am incorporating the #Dropzone library in Anahita and in the #PhotosApp so far it is working very nicely.

How do you like the new photo sets?
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New features in the Photo app are: 1. ability to create and populate a set 2. organizing (add, remove, reorder) the photos within a set 3. improved usability of photo to set assignment
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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

Development Branch: Albums are now really Sets.

We replaced the FancyUploader with plupload ( from the TinyMCE guys. It's a very robust and well-written uploader that support many runtimes including HTML5.

album.js is rewritten as well as the related layouts for album and photo assignments.

Anahita™ Photos for the Anahita 1.6 codebase is coming together nicely. Currently we are aiming for the existing feature set however much leaner and more efficient code.

What do you think of integration with the Picnik service? Do you know of any other similar services?

Fixing IE bugs that we have found in the current 1.0 birth release.

This week's #Anahita #Hackathon update: Multiple photo uploader and photo assignment to set(s) implemented. Next is implementing the Set photo organizer in JQuery.

Some high priority bugs in the #Photos #App are fixed. Please test and if there are any issues, let us know. We have also made the file names a bit more secure so they cannot be guessed and reconstructed from the node URL.
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All of the features for the next release of Anahita Photos have been implemented and they seem to be working fine. Managing photos and sets will be a lot easier. Can't wait to have it working on Anahitapolis.
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We can now add,remove, and reorder photos in a set by drag and drop method. The code is in the development branch, of course polishing needs to be done.
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Anahita Photos 1.6 branch is ready for the Embryo. The photo upload workflow using the new uploader has been implemented. We also have Mediabox working on the story feeds and photos plugin as well as the albums.

We just need to fix the Photo Uploader in the Anahita Photos and then it is ready for a 1.6 Embryo

Anahita Photos 1.6 branch is mostly done. It is much slimmer now because we have dryed the code.

New Anahita ™ Photos packages are available for download. If you would like to use the new Anahita ™ AddThis social sharing plugin, you do need to upgrade.

There's a new update available for Anahita ™ Photos 1.0.2 that fixes the album count issue. Thanks to @James and @George. Please download it from

Going to fix some more workflow bugs today and let's do another trunk merge and testing on Anahitapolis.

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