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There are bug fixes in the master branch. #InvitesApp
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Token validation is implemented and working. A token can be used more than once for facebook, but only once for email invites. Facebook invite needs debugging, because currently it is difficult to work with the facebook open graph API from the localhost. It is certain that the Invites App will be released for the Anahita 3.0 Birth release.
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Committed the first files for the Anahita Invites app next going to implement the invitation token creation workflow as well as invite workflow for email and facebook invites.
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The Invites app hasn't been updated for the 1.6-branch and later codebase. We will perhaps do that after the 1.7 birth release.

Bugs in the invites app are being worked on. Wait for the 4.1.8 release #InvitesApp

I just sent myself an email invite. Now let's send one to a facebook account.
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I have started developing the Anahita Invites for the 2.2 release
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