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Subscriptions App - Project's Notes

A list of critical bugs are fixed in the subscriptions app. There will be a version 4.3.6 birth release soon.

All the functionality of the #SubscriptionsApp has been implemented in the front-end except configurations. This is a preparation for when we will be taking out the admin back-end in Anahita 4.3. Now it is time to refactor the code and test the sign up workflows.

Finally made some successful transactions with Paypal sandbox after upgrading the sign up workflow. Now we can focus on other features of the app. #SubscriptionsApp
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Anahita ™ Subscription has been fully refactored and works with Anahita 1.6 codebase now. The code is very lean and clean. I've also implemented a rule injection model for the subscription so that custom rules can be applied for different subscription packages. In the coming week we'll polish the UI (with less) cheers

It's 6 a.m. and I've managed to refactor subscription purchase work flow using express and creditcard payment methods . Tomorrow I will be spending sometime ironing out the workflow. Cheers

Anahita Subscription back-end is working completely. There are some minor adjustments that will be addressed this week as I am going to start working on the Anahita Subscription front side

We've started the Anahita ™ Subscription 1.6 development. Very exciting to see how the Anahita ™ Subscription will look like with the magical Anahita 1.6 API. You can follow the development from the branch URL @

Today's focus will be finalizing the Packages implementation and tying it to the sign up workflow. #SubscriptionsApp

The #SubscriptionsApp upgrade is coming along nicely, though it has room for improvement. Initially when we developed this app it was done in a rush. I think the naming conventions can be improved. We also need to implement #Stripe systems in the future releases.
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A lot of polishing and improvement done in the front end of the Anahita Subscriptions 1.6-branch. Will be polishing the administration side UIs today (It is 2:27 AM) and it will be ready for the 1.6-branch embryo.

Another great night (or morning). It's now possible to assign a set of group actor IDs to a package that way only the users who are subscribed to that package can see the groups. The good news is that this behavior is not hardcoded in the subscription app but it's added as subscription plugin.

Anahita ™ Subscription is going along very nicely. I am in the middle of refactoring the sign up process (front end). I am aiming to have a working Subscription app by the end of the week.

Anahita ™ Subscriptions back-end is nearly completed. I am hoping by the end of night I can have a working back-end so tomorrow I can start the work for Anahita ™ Subscriptions front

Successfully made a subscription package and purchase it through the paypal sandbox

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