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Building Exponential Communities
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Seth Godin: The tribes we lead
Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

We tackle this topic on the episode 9 of Anahita podcast: Build Communities The Traditional Way

How To Maintain A Great Community Spirit As Your Community Grows
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10 Tips for Building a Strong Online Community Around Your Startup

A social network is not the same as a social networking software. A social network is the software + people on it. People that are connected and exchanging stories. A Social Networking software is a tool. A Social Network is a living entity.

The latest book from Jono Bacon: Dealing With Disrespect

Designing The Perfect Newcomer To Regular Journey
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Good post from Richard Millington: The Speed Of Community Development
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A community for parents of autistic kids
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If stories are not being created and shared on a social network you are left with a skeleton. Further if you take out the social graph, you are left with a sporadic and scattered collection of names and emails.

"We are all raised to be cautious of the unknown. Unfortunately this makes us afraid of it , too. When we know the full extend of the fishbowl that we live in, as well as the other fish in that bowl, it helps us to build a measured sense of safety" - Jono Bacon, The Art Of Community

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