Articles App - Project

Articles App - Project's Notes

Added cover image to articles. Excerpt field isn't mandatory anymore. #ArticlesApp

com_pages have been converted to com_articles and naturally media node will be referred to as an article node. #ArticlesApp Special thanks to Scott Crawford @scott for renaming this app for us.

The Anahita Pages controller for the 1.5.X release has 248 lines of code and for the 1.6 release only 65.

Anahita™ Pages 1.6-branch is mostly ready

New update available for pages. Please update to version 0.9.1

Anahita ™ Pages 1.0 Embryo package is available for download

All to-do items are done. Going to make a REL-1.X branch and make a package.

Lots of to-do items were closed today. Very close to have an embryo release. Can't wait to use the Anahita ™ Pages on our groups.

The BREAD operations for the pages have been implemented including all the UI. Now we need to save a revision every time a page is updated, and be able to role back to a previous revision when needed.

We're going to use the Articles app for blogging purpose. In fact from now on the Anahitapolis blog is the Articles published in the Atrium Group. We figured all the time invested in maintaining our Wordpress blog is better invested in improving the Articles app. #ArticlesApp #Blogging

Anahita™ Pages 1.6-Branch is ready for the embryo release.

Sorry for the previous message! You can now follow the Anahita™ Pages support group™-pages-support

Anahita™ Pages 1.6-Branch has been created

Fixed some bugs. Ready to do a merge, embryo package, and site update.

Testing the Anahita ™ Pages 1.0 Embryo package on a fresh installation of Anahita.

Only 3 to-do items left. Some more polishing and we are ready to make an Embryo package as well as installing a copy of Anahita™ Pages on the Anahitapolis and start using it.

Page revisions now save on page update and the list shows on the side of a page. Would very much like to finish implementing the revisions this evening.

Development of Anahita ™ Pages have officially started.

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