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"In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved." ~ Linus Torvalds

Code Contribution

The Anahita code is hosted on GitHub so everybody can fork and pull to contribute.

Bug Fixes

All bugs are shallow given enough eyeballs. The more of you get involved in bug fixing, the less bugs we will have.

A complete bug fix cycle is when a bug is reported, confirmed, fixed, and a pull request is made so we can merge the patch with the main Anahita repository.


We have published the 4.* Vision Page and you can volunteer to provide software development and programming help to the Anahita team. To help us you need to have solid PHP, Javascript (JQuery), and HTML5 programming knowledge. Understanding MVC and other software design patterns is also great help.

To help with the development you need to coordinate with the Anahita team. Contact us to become an Anahita developer.


Every release of Anahita needs to be tested on different cloud platforms, servers, and development environments such as OS X, Linux, and Windows.

We require volunteers who can test Anahita in different environments, report all the issues, and provide suggestions on how we can improve the process of installing and maintaining Anahita.

Knowledge Contribution

The best way to learn is to teach. Share your fruit of knowledge.


The Anahita code is constantly evolving and therefore the documentation has to keep up with the changes. This can only be achieved if more people participate in writing documents about aspects of Anahita that they understand and then share them with the tribes.

Events such as DocCamp are organized to encourage such initiations and participating in them could be a great learning experience for you as well.

Tribe Support

Always post your questions in the Tribe Support group and if you know the answer to any of the questions posted by other members, do take the time to help out. This way you are not only helping another tribe member, you are also contributing to the Anahita's growing knowledge capital and collective intelligence for everyone to benefit from.

Social Media

Not all your published material about Anahita has to be on this website. You can also publish them on your blog. Do let us know about it so we can link back and share it on our social media feeds.

We will also appreciate your facebook shares and retweets whenever we publish a post on our blog or one of our groups.

Financial Contribution

Hire us

We also offer professional consulting and enterprise services. Whenever you hire us, the revenue is invested directly in improving the Anahita platform. In fact most of the work that we have contributed to Anahita has been funded from the professional mobile and cloud development services that we offer at rmd Studio.

Participate in Crowdfunding

Sometimes a number of startups and enterprises may have similar feature requests. In those cases we can start a crowdfunding campaign so these companies can share the development cost. We will develop the features and make them part of the default Anahita distribution.

Contact us if you want to participate in a crowdfunded feature development.


Anahita has been receiving financial support from people who were quite interested about this project and its mission: to help people connect and share the fruit of knowledge.

You can send your financial donations to our paypal account here.


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