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Learning about Growth Hacking from the founder of Plenty Of Fish

Learning about #growthhacking from the founder of or at #LaunchAcademy in #Gastown #Vancouver
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December 04 2013 Permalink
Interesting story that guy has. Read about him in Forbes I think, article was circa 2008 or so... Multi-million dollar business with just two other employees beside him. Very inspiring.
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
December 04 2013 Permalink
yes he built the business with a 20K budget in his apartment and gradually scaled it up over time without raising any money. He owns 100% of the company. Ironically as the event was titled "Growth Hacking" he mentioned several times that there were no marketing silver bullets or strategies that will work. Every change is minor and the effects don't last very long. He said we should treat the business as a whole rather than narrowing down on some silly A/B testing which isn't going to make much difference anyway. It was a major disappointment for a lot of the polished marketers in the room to see that Markus didn't advocate a lot of the fancy marketing techniques and instead took a practical approach and focused on a slow, gradual, and incremental growth. He said "rather than keep talking about it to everyone for months, just sit down and DO IT!". Another interesting point was that SEO belonged to the last decade. It is all about mobile now.
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