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PERFUMEX AI : Astrological intelligence

According to astrological intelligence, people from the different zodiac sign have different characteristics and preferences to certain scents. so we developing PERFUMEX AI to Help You Find The Best Signature Scent From For You according to your zodiac sign.

If you search in Google. There is Information For Western Zodiac Perfume. but most of those information is inaccurate. 40/100

so how can we achieve more accuracy to predict the best fragrance for each zodiac sign ?

Here Is My Concept ?

To Find The Western Zodiac equivalents of Eastern (Chinese) Zodiac. and then run a Birthday algorithm for each individual.

based on my concept : the prediction accuracy will be 75/100

its still in progress...hopefully i will finish it up soon before 2020

and thanks to #socialgraph #Anahita & #Rastin Mehr ...
Roni Mmi
Roni Mmi
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