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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

September 11 2011

Ability to share or echo a story item

Similar to facebook share or twitter's retweet #features
  • Priority: normal
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Andy Nash
Andy Nash
September 12 2011 Permalink
+Like (I think I might start using this term to indicate an Anahita equivalent of Likes and +1s until there is an official term ;-)

I also like the way Google+ have handled integration of sharing with +1s (in our case voting up or whatever it ends up being called - +Like?).

Are +likes also hoped to be a part of the 1.6 feature set?

If so, the idea that you can click to +1, then for a few seconds you also have the opportunity to share your +1 with a comment, choose circles etc is quite a good one.

In our case perhaps we should automatically share all +Likes anyway, but for a few seconds display the opportunity to add a comment as Facebook does?

Google don't share every +1 in the stream for fear of creating 'noice' but I don't think Anahita +Like buttons will be as prolific as +1 buttons (or Like buttons) so I doubt this will be a problem for us (and if it is then its a good problem to have that can be easily solved at a later date, the Story Feed could simply group all +Likes).

#+like #share
Any chance we could get this feature in the 3.0 release?
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
April 22 2013 Permalink
No this will be for the 3.1 the focus of the 3.0 is search.
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