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Unknown Person

May 06 2013

Do you know a "cheap" PHP5+MySQL hosting provider ?

We gave up on OpenShift..

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Anahitapolis is hosted on Rackspace.  A lot of other developers here use it as well, from what I understand, and like it a lot.
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Unknown Person
May 07 2013 Permalink
Should we use Rackspace cloud or Cloud Sites ?
Rackspace Cloud Servers, unmanaged, is what most use.

If you're looking for something cheaper than that, I use 1&1, but I'm planning on making the jump to cloud sooner or later.
Unknown Person
May 08 2013 Permalink
In fact 1&1 works fine & that's very cheap.  Thanks for the tip !
May 08 2013 Permalink
I use hostgator for the moment. I too plan on migrating to #Rackspace.

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