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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

May 23 2013

Anahita 3.0 provides RESTful API in com_people

We do not have RESTful API for the com_users in Anahita 2.*, becuase none of the Joomla components are RESTful, and com_users is a legacy component from joomla. However in the Anahita 3.0 we no longer have com_users and authentication and registration are handled by com_people which is a native Anahita component and it is indeed RESTful.  

#restful #anahita #joomla #3.0

Could the change from com_users in 2x to com_people in 3x give any challenge when upgrading from 2x to 3x - or do you still estimate that users (and 3.0 in general) can be upgraded like a normal update?
There will be no challenges.
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