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Rajkumar Mundel

Rajkumar Mundel

September 08 2013

Tutorial 1: Create HTML Pages

Hello Tribe,

Today I am going to teach "how to create HTML pages" in Anahita.

Subject: Without drop down

Step 1: Login to Amdin. Step 2: Click Menus-> Main Menu Step 3: Click New->Html->Content Step 4: Enter Title as Lets Ride, Alias as letsride, Parameters-Basic->Page as letsride. Step 5: Click on Save. Step 6: Create letsride.php under path ../www/templates/shiraz/html/com_html/content Step 7: Paste below content for testing

Welcome to Let's Ride World !

Step 8: Open Front End website. Step 9: Click on Lets Ride link in header. Step 10: Your page will display: Welcome to Let's Ride World.

Few Observations. In Admin section , you will see link : index.php?option=com_html&view=content&layout=letsride layout=letsride = letsride is the name of your .php which you created.

#bug: Parameters-Component->Content Path not working. We tried with "examples" as folder under ../www/templates/shiraz/html/com_html/content Put letsride.php under examples folder and when click on link, template not found. To resolve about issue- We put examples/letsride in Parameters-Basic->Page and it works.

Subject: With drop down Repate All steps of "Without drop down" Step 2: Click Menus-> Main Menu Step 3: Click New->Html->Content Step 4: Enter Title as Ride, Alias as ride Step 5: Click on Save. Step 6: Click on letsride Menu Item. Choose Parent Item: Ride. Step 7: Click on save. Step 8: Check in front end websiite.

Regards, Raj Lets Ride Team

#learn #html

Darwin R.C.
Darwin R.C.
September 26 2013 Permalink
Thank you very much, Raj

This is an excellent way to start coding for we the newcomers. Using it seems Anahita is very easy to learn and work with.


Darwin R.C.
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Sunil Bhobharia
Sunil Bhobharia
September 27 2013 Permalink
Thnaks Raj,

I am very new with anahita and its help me lot.
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Thank you very much Rajkumar - looking foreward to try :)
I am trying this now, and I wonder: Shall the php files be uploaded directly to the remote installation - or is it the meaning to do this on local installation and git push from local to remote installation?
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
November 24 2013 Permalink
either way works as long as the files are uploaded to a designated folder using ftp or git. If those pages contain complex code and require to be under some revisioning system, then git would be a better option.
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I am trying to put whole Signup page on Landing page... Can anyone help me on this ?
Eg - All signup fields  and button on landing of rather than click of Signup Button
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
March 29 2014 Permalink
print @service('com://site/people.controller.person')->view('person')->layout('add')
Thank you :)

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