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Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

May 23 2014

#Hashtags and ACL

Since the work on #hashtags has really gotten underway, I wanted to bring up a couple use cases I have for them, or rather, hope to use them for. ACL has been mentioned a few times in the past and I was curious about what you all would think.

First of all, my current community site has a category for #official groups that are spear headed by members of our organization. Since Anahita is categorization-less and #hashtags are really the way to go, I'm wondering how this would work. I was thinking we'd just give them all the #official #hashtag and create a menu item to all #official nodes. I know I could use the actors listing page, but I was thinking that #hashtag nodes would be much more efficient way to do this.

Additional, we have a monthly magazine that we currently release as a PDF. I'd like to relaunch it as a blog with Anahita as the platform. I'd like to set it up so that all #times blogs appear on the homepage automatically, after being approved by our Editor-in-Chief.

My only concern is that other people not associated with the leadership my use the #official or inappropriate content would be add to the #times #hastags. Would it be possible to restrict access to some #hashtags?

You can use a hashtag in combination with other parameters such as a resitricted list of authors or number of likes, comments, follows, etc. That way illegitimate items with the same hashtag won't get promoted and stay in the bottom.

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