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Alex Hume

alex hume

June 05 2015

Please how to create html sections on anahita 4.1

I need help to create new content sections (html) en el anahita 4.1 and how to link it with the site menu and the mobile menu?

I appreciate any help.


There are some examples included in the Shiraz template that you can adopt in your custom template.

The static pages are simple php pages which means you have full control to code them in html, javascript, css, and php. They also give you complete access to the Anahita API so you can make queries and display one or many nodes (i.e actors, media, etc.)

The idea is that you can build a few effective landing pages for yourself.

Here are some examples of how you can construct links to those pages:

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Alex Hume
alex hume
June 08 2015 Permalink
Thanks Rastin, I found a way to add HTML files (articles), but there is still a problem with the mobile menu? what class do I have to use to make the menu work on mobile? currently the menu items I add, get lost when in mobile view?

According to the file on the link you sent: the class is , but when using it, menu items are shown on desktop but not on mobile, or do I also have to edit the other menu file mobile.php ?

Any help about this please?
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The mobile menu is separate. On mobile screens the main menu is hidden and the mobile menu is displayed. At least in the current release. That could change in 4.2 release.

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