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Rajkumar Mundel

Rajkumar Mundel

June 27 2015

Rastin - How you protect Anahita from Bot

Hello Rastin and Anahita Tribes,How you guys protect your website from unwanted traffic like E-Commerce or word-press bots ?I know about cloudflare ...any other option that Tribes member is using ?

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I know bots are getting smarter and they can pass through captcha tools. You can add a math problem that needs to be solved and it is unique to your website, but I'm not sure how effective that will be. It is also bad user experience. I still recommend using services such as Cloudflair. They identify bots and monitor their traffic in a distributed fashion across the web. It also improves the speed of your site a bit.

OAuth authentication is also another solution.
:)...Any open source which do that apart from cloudflair ? What anahita is using to stop bots hitting the ?
If not cloudflair, then what all other options available in market ?

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I stumbled across this a couple weeks ago: It's a spam detection system specifically for social settings. It looks interesting, but its just an API. Someone would have to build an implementation for Anahita.
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@rmundel our members have to send a request and we create the accounts manually. Usually 1 in 5 make it through, because I care about building a community of people who care.

Another good approach is charging a very low membership fee like 1$/year to make sure only those with a credit card can get it, but it isn't an approach that will work for you if you are trying to build a user-base for a free service.
When I visit the spamcity link I get a browser warning about the identity of the website.
No no... I am not talking about that... I am talking about the traffic which is shown in Google analytics.. some lovely...and blabla ... Till now...NO SPAM registrations on our platform...

If you give your 2cent on that, it will be great !!
I'd give Cloudflare a try in your case. Bots mimic the behaviour of popular browsers so there are no simple ways to differentiate them from people. I'm glad to know that you haven't had any SPAM registration so far.
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ok. Let me spend $20 per month :) to get the Security feature enable. Once we will done, we will share our experience with Tribes.

How about their free package? Are you already using it?
No.. free package dont provide that as per my only provides SSL.... I will start with free and check for 1 week and then decide !!

@Praveen will check cloudflare and see what he says !
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Let me know how it goes. I yet have to setup cloudflare for the Anahita website.

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