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Bent Rune Skulevold

Bent Rune Skulevold

July 04 2015

Anahita Learning Centre

Congratulations to Rastin and Anahita - with the Anahita Learning Centre. Online courses the Anahita way - on how to build with Anahita. I have just started my study - and I am sure this will be very useful. I can imagine how much time it takes to create this kind of learning material. Luckily a lot of the processes ahead is already build in to the "social" structure. I will report on my progress later and I just wanted to mention that this is something I for sure will recommend you to join. #Onlinelearning #AnahitaLearningCentre #AnahitaCourses

Thank you Bent, it's time to train some Anahita hackers and ninjas. Also put greater focus on building some good online learning and knowledge sharing tools.
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