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Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

2 weeks ago

Notification popover shows read notifications

The Notification popover now shows notifications that have been read. It use to only show unread notifications. Is this the intended behavior or a #bug?

That's intentional, because now you can go back to the popup and check the next item on the list.
But now it says I have 4 unread messages that I can't access unless I go to the All Notifications page. I'm not sure if that'll be clear to regular users.
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That's a bug!
Actually, now that I look at the new notifications page, I can't access them there either.
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Noted! Thank you for letting me know.
Nick I can't seem to reproduce the issue locally:

The notification items are also showing on the default layout page: http://localhost/notifications?oid=14071
I think the issue was that when I logged in I had 24 unread notifications. Because the drop down and the notifications page are both limited to 20 items, I couldn't view the oldest 4 notifications. Going to the notifications page tho marked them all read.
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I see, that makes sense. I guess I can close this issue then.
How would a user view notifications that go past 20 then?
We can see if the infinite scroll works well within the popup box, otherwise the only way would be going to the notifications default layout. I think that effort is better be invested in the version 4.4 since all this UI will be discontinued anyway.

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