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Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford

March 16 2017

A few things noted with com_locations

(1)  Zip / postal codes are omitting any leading zeros when they are stored in the DB... this has an impact on some of the northeastern US states such as Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

(2)  Is there a reason that the Zip / postal code field is not included in the pop-up modal?  As such it is requiring multiple steps when entering addresses if one wishes to add the complete address.

(3)  On the pop-up modal I notice the first two addresses I had entered are retained as the top ones listed... in order for me to add a new address it seems I am required to search first, then I am prompted with an opportunity to add a new address.  This seemed a bit un-intuitive at first, I would have thought the address form would be presented by default.

Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
March 17 2017 Permalink
1. I wonder why the leading zeros are removed, because the field takes a string. I'll look into it.

2. postal code isn't a required address component and it was making the form too long to fit inside the modal. That's why it was left on the edit form and not the add form. You can override the add form and add the postal code back if you like.

3. yes the idea is that users select one of the nearby locations first and if the location wasn't available, then Anahita asks them to create the new location. It is the common UI pattern for tagging an item with a location. If we display the add form first, then people are more likely to add multiple entries for the same location.

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