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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

March 18 2017

Uninstalling apps, I mean really uninstalling

We still don't have a way to truly uninstall an app unless we delete all the related data. The related files in the cloud won't be removed, because that's simply a lot of work. The best we can do is to run some queries in the uninstall.sql and remove any nodes or edges that are associated with the app. 

Even if we keep a backup of the app's data, we can't just re-insert them back.

We can flag those records as deleted and keep them in the database and make sure they don't get used.

What do you think? Can you live with losing your data?

#apps #uninstall

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Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
March 18 2017 Permalink
I'd prefer the data be retained but somehow flagged as relating to a deleted app (if even necessary). I can't imagine too many scenarios where an app is utilized for a period of time to have built up related content the only to be uninstalled... at least outside of a dev or experimental environment. If anything it seems the data would be migrated to the next iteration of the app, at least in a reasonably well-planned live project.

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