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Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford

2 weeks ago

Use of "noreply@" email for notifications?

I'm curious what thoughts are in regards to using "noreply@..." emails for the notifications.  All my notifications coming from getanahita are treated as spam, and after researching a bit it seems the "noreply" from address is often, if not typically, treated as such by gmail, outlook, etc.

I am currently running a separate email account for my project, the address of which I have set the Site Settings to utilize.  I can though see the point of the email address itself conveying that what is being sent is informational only - e.g., no reply is to be expected - however I'm not crazy about the notifications defaulting to being treated as spam.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?


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I just changed the email to to see if it would make a difference. I am also thinking of ways to reduce the number of email notifications. I don't think they serve much purpose unless important information is sent out such as password reset links. An alternative would be browser push notifications. Companies like are offering free unlimited packages for PNs.
Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
2 weeks ago Permalink
For me the notifications are more of a trigger to log in to see what's new, in which I see value. The fine-line becomes what is default... too many and you ignore them (e.g., Facebook and others for which you first sign up). Similar to privacy settings, what's the 80/20 value proposition for the target user base.

I might be old-school in this regard, but I'm working to limit the quantity of tech interfaces I need to stay on top of... email is a given, so when I see something worthwhile there I'm more likely to log in to the related point of interest rather than checking that point of interest regularly.

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