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Jeff Dean

Jeff Dean

June 07 2017

How install in a Shared Web Host Server??

I have a reseller account on a shared web host.   I do NOT have root access and cannot program via a command line.  Is there a way to install everything as you would a Joomla install, example: install.php?

You could try, I'm not sure how reliable it would be for a production installation. Ideally you would want to use a dedicated server or instance configured for a production or production/staging installations.
Jeff Dean
Jeff Dean
June 07 2017 Permalink
Is there an install.php option via the web? Where can I obtain the most current BIRTH files? All I have now is anahita-1.5.12-r10145-birth but the most current version is 4.4 I believe.
If by install.php you mean a method to install Anahita via browser, no there isn't such a thing. The reason is that you need more heavy duty tools to manage a social network and http tools aren't reliable enough for this purpose. The stakes are much lower when you are managing a CMS and you don't have to deal with as many records.

The code is on Github with the Birth releases tagged there. When you install via the composer, you get the latest Birth release. The code in the master branch is subject to change, that is why we call it an Embryo. It is the code we use to power our website and experiment with new implementations and features.
I should have said more reliable tools rather than heavy duty. Command line is more reliable.
I wanted to install Anahita in my account on They told me it was not possible. So, I installed it in my account on PorkBun (and GoDaddy) allow installation via Installatron ( GoDaddy also supports SSH. If we can get Installatron to support Anahita...
That's something to keep in mind, thank you. How's Anahita working on GoDaddy? The best option would be creating a dedicated instance in a cloud hosting.

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