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Scott Crawford

Scott Crawford

July 16 2017

Anahita Connect ... to Anahita ?

Thinking lately about using Anahita for a strictly "personal brand" -type project... curious, how much of a stretch would it be to configure the Connect app to accept Anahita-based sites ( multiple domain[s] specified separately ) as well as Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn ?

I don't think it'd be possible right now. Connect is based on OAuth and Anahita's login system doesn't support it yet. Though, I believe the long-term plan is to support OAuth for login.
It is possible and it is on the roadmap. What we want and you are referring too is Anahita being both an OAuth provider and consumer. Once we have that in the system every app can authenticate their users if a user already has an account on an Anahita installation. In this scenario Anahita is the provider and the other app is the consumer. So mobile apps, wordpress, joomla, drupal, eCommerce apps, etc can have a login using your Anahita (or your network's name) account.

Also Anahita can use the same OAuth mechanism for authenticating her own users.

We will also need a com_tokens library component which generates tokens for different components such as OAuth and Invites with standard token management features.

This feature has no dependency on the current milestone which is Mobile First and single page app version of Anahita with improved RESTful API endpoints. It means someone with a good knowledge of Anahita and OAuth protocol can branch the code and implement it. If you are that person, please go ahead and make it happen. It would cross off one more feature from the roadmap.

Or if someone could fund the development ahead of schedule and agree that the code become part of Anahita codebase, that would work too. That's how we got a lot of new features implemented in Anahita.
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Scott Crawford
Scott Crawford
July 18 2017 Permalink
I wasn't aware this was on a future road map to this extent. Very nice.

So the vision would be that any Anahita project would recognize any other Anahita project by default, but then separate plugin(s) for (each of) the non-Anahita platform(s) would be required in order to be fully implemented within their context ?
Any web or mobile app with OAuth2 will be able to authenticate their users if those users have an account on an Anahita installation. For start we could build a wordpress plugin for start.

Yes the outside apps require to build an extension to do OAuth with an Anahita installation.
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