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Jerdon Helgeson

Jerdon Helgeson

January 30 2018

Anahita Documentation

Hi Rastin,

I'm working on the sparq project and have been delegated to adjust the onboarding process to reflect our needs. Is there any documentation on this process which I can reference while working? Or is this something that I will need to discuss with you to learn about? 

Preferable I would be able to learn about this and other topics without taking your time. 


Jerdon Helgeson

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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
January 30 2018 Permalink
Hi Jerdon, there are no documentation. This support group is the living documentation and all the existing apps are your blueprints. you read code, prototype, and ask questions either here or in private consulting sessions. There isn't we don't have a documentation is that our codebase evolves rapidly and documentations get old very quickly.

First you need a com_onboarding component that loads a single view and a jquery widget that walks the user through steps of adding more information to their profile. Use ajax calls to Anahita api in order to save those information.

Building onboarding steps in php is the old fashion approach which I do not recommend. A year from now we will be using a React app for the Anahita user interface and the back-end will be reduced to APIs only. That's why we are refraining from server side rendering from now on.

You also need a system plugin that checks for the fields that need to be populated from the viewer object and if they are empty, then redirect the user to the onboarding app.

so build a com_onboarding and onboarding system plugin.

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Yes that answers my question. Thanks for the response!
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