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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

June 18 2018

Rebuilding Anahita Connect app

So Anahita Connect is officially not working with both Twitter and Facebook APIs. That's because both APIs have changed a lot. Until now we've been patching forward the Anahita Connect app to keep up with the API changes, but at this point I don't think it is a wise idea. Anahita Oauth implementation needs to be redone from ground up. The Connect App has not being providing good usability, especially for signing up new users. It also doesn't support Google and Github. I think at this point we better move the connect app from the list of existing packages and rebuild it from ground up in a separate repository. Ideally we would want Anahita to be both OAuth Provider and Consumer, but we would still start building the consumer part first. What do you think? #Anahita #Connect #OAuth

So I took another attempt and Twitter authorization and authentication is working. The issue is that both twitter and facebook require static redirect uris. The enable action on actor profiles contains the owner id in the url which is a dynamic value and that makes the redirect uris be different for different people.

New users can't register using twitter
Login is using authorize rather than authenticate workflow. In fact authentication is happening as the byproduct of authorization.

I'm considering auditing the code to see if we can rebuild the connect app with as little UI work as possible. That way, we don't have to wait for the Anahita react app to be ready first.

Any sort of new UI development will be pointless since Anahita will eventually be used as a back-end for the react app and we will be removing all the UI views, helpers, and layouts from Anahita codebase.
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My view on Connect App as a USER.

As my personal experience from last 1.5 years in startup industry, everyone is moving towards MOBILE number based signup with ONE TIME PASSWORD or Google Authenticator. 99% Startup apps in India now go for MOBILE SIGNUP only with OTP

To provide SOCIAL login like FB, TW, GOOGLE and GGITHUB, it is always good but still we need to connect our SIGNUP process with these SOCIAL Logins which is happening right now in ANAHITA.

People in INDIA prefer Google Login or SIGNUP process. People stop using FB login because they feel that if by any chance, any activity might be shared on their wall where their family are now connected. And this behavior is from last 2 years.

I feel, in whatever way you enable the connect app API to reactJS/ANY UI Platform, it will be great if that will be usable to STARTUP Community

Thank you :)
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@rmundel that's good insight, thank you!
@rmundel would you say this about B2B and enterprise applications too or your experience is with consumer apps?

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