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Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

June 28 2018

400 Bad Request: Cookie Too Large

I just went to login to the site to check something and instead of getting the homepage, I got this error message:

After checking the request, I had 23 cookies for this domain being sent with the request. There's two cookies, right? One to keep the user signed in and another session cookie? It looks like one of them isn't being deleted properly.

That also could be an nginx issue. How can I reproduce it?
Yes there are two cookies for domain the rest of google analytics cookies.
The long one that I have is about 328 characters long.
It wasn't 1 long cookie. I had 23 cookies total for Deleting them resolved the error and allowed me to login normally. Not sure how to repeat.
Strange! Let's watch and see if this issue will come up again. I still think it had something todo with server!

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