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Ildemaro  Martinez Jr

Ildemaro Martinez Jr

July 05 2018

Bypassing default Anahita registration/authentication

Hello Rastin

We need some help with creation of users in our Anahita installation bypassing the default registration/authentication process.

Our users are currently created/authenticated by phone number only through Twilio authy two-factor authentication ( 

The created/authenticated phone number + token are put into a Mongo DB table. 

We would like to create Anahita users using these "already-authenticated phone numbers," bypassing the native Anahita registration/authentication service.

What would you suggest?

You need to somehow create Anahita sessions for the authenticated users so when they go to the Anahita installation, they are already logged in. I can't think of any detailed solution now, this requires some thought.

You also need an Anahita user plugin that logs them out from both systems if users decided to logout from Anahita. An extreme example, you can custom develop com_people and place it as an app in the packages directory. Anahita will installing your custom com_people instead of linking the default one. I haven't tried this myself, but in theory it should work.

Moments like this I wish we had a fully functioning native OAuth producer/consumer in Anahita. It's already on the roadmap.
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