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Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

July 11 2018

Get all instances of an app

Topics used to have a page where you could view all of the topics for all of the nodes that someone was following, but it was removed.

How would I go about replicating that functionality? For my forums component, I'm planning on changing things around so that forums can be added to actor nodes, but still want to incorporate those forums into a full forums listing.

I looked at the 2.2.3 code base on Github, but it looks like that was after the feature was removed. Is there any copies of the code left over from the SVN?

I thought it was more like a listing of all the boards that topics used to have for all the topics app. I know that the boards were removed. Did it function the same way, just a leaders filter?
This is how it’s been all along. The topics are filtered by their owners which is the list of viewer’s leaders.
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