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Nick Swinford

Nick Swinford

July 11 2018

Removing K Classes

We've been removing a lot of koowa classes; KInflector, KEvent and KCommandContext and replacing them to Anahita classses.

What's the plan here? Are we removing the koowa dependency or is this the first steps in upgrading to the more recent version?

Yes, the idea is to merge the legacy koowa code with Anahita library, take out the code that isn't being used, reduce class hierarchies, and make the code DRY overall. There won't be a vendor Koowa code 2 or 3 maintenance releases from now.
Does that mean we're completely eliminating the dependency or are we going to upgrade eventually to kodekit?
We won't be upgrading to Kodekit. We will use good ideas from them or other frameworks and we will only build what we need. Koowa was a general purpose framework that we used to build Anahita. Now we want Anahita framework to be specialized for building social apps and graph architecture. I think there is more that can be taken out and reduced from the existing core framework.
After the React app is ready, we're going to remove all the html views and layouts from Anahita too. The idea is that the back-end code become a graph architecture ORM and APIs only. Installing apps would basically extend the API. Anahita templates become SPAs which can be installed using composer. Anahita Apps will also be distributed from separate repositories. That way everyone can distribute Anahita apps via package manager. Right now our php codebase is a little over 11MB. I'm hoping that we can cut it to half after those changes.
I have a few suggestions for scaling up Anahita too. I'll post them later.

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