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Rob Saric

Rob Saric

July 13 2018

Extending com_groups question

Hi @rastin et all, 

I have a question about extending groups without changes the core of anahita. 

In \components\com_groups\domains\entities\component.php there is:

class ComGroupsDomainEntityComponent extends ComActorsDomainEntityComponent

How would I create a custom component that extends ComGroupsDomainEntityComponent and associates an actor ID (of type person) to an actor ID (of type organization)?

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Extend com_actors instead. com_groups is an app. It is meant to be a dispatchable component and final. com_actors however, is a base component and is meant to be extended. Use com_groups as a blueprint for your new actors component.

What is the nature of person to actor association in your case?
Rob Saric
Rob Saric
July 18 2018 Permalink
Ok, sounds good - i'll look into extending com_actors and create a new actors component.

The goal is to have an organization (actor) that is a paying member on our app (B2B). They can have multiple actors associated to moderating/administrating that group and in the future enabling custom apps for organizations. The actor would have the ability to have multiple groups (or sub-groups) associated to the primary organization.

An example use case is:
Organization - Physiotherapy clinic 1
Primary Group - Organization
Associated groups to Organization - Post-Op Knee, Pre-Op Knee, Post-Op Hip, Pre-Op Hip, General Mobility, Hip Mobility Workshop (Paid by consumer B2C to access), Knee Mobility Workshop (paid by consumer B2C to access), etc.

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