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Rob Saric

Rob Saric

August 27 2018

Anahita API documentation support

Hi @rastin

Our team will most likely make the first version of our Anahita mobile app using Xamarin because we're using visual studio and for the sake of early-stage efficiency. Do you happen to have any primers or guidance on what APIs we can use with Anahita out of the box? I remember several years ago there was - the link has been removed.Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!! :-)

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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 27 2018 Permalink
That link is outdated and the best way is reading the code and looking at the apps as examples anyway. You can post your questions here or contact me for private consulting.

You can see some of the examples of api endpoints here:

Make sure you've got your CORS setup done correctly. I'll post some updates about the direction we are heading to this week which you may find useful. Basically the React App will be the client app and the Anahita php code will be reduced to APIs only. This way one back-end can be used with mobile, web, or desktop apps.
Rob Saric
Rob Saric
August 28 2018 Permalink
@Rastin, thanks for the details. We'll check out the example of api endpoints you provided when we meet tomorrow afternoon. I've finished the mobile app mockups, so we may need to get some private consulting once we start the process.
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