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Lucas Meijer

October 08 2018

Interested in helping out!

Hey! I'm interested in helping out with Anahita React. I'm wondering if there is any roadmap or issue tracker where I can see what needs to be done?

Nick Swinford
Nick Swinford
October 08 2018 Permalink
Rastin is currently working on building a new UI using React. You can check on his progress here (
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
October 09 2018 Permalink
Hi Lucas, there isn't a roadmap for the Anahita React. The goal is to build the current UI features in a React app and then remove all the parts in the Anahita codebase that are responsible for rendering user interfaces and html. This way Anahita will be a back-end API and the React App will be the client. We are building and learning as we go since we aren't building a product with a specific scope and feature set. We are exploring and refining the software design patterns that we think work best for Anahita architecture. Most React Apps out there follow a relational database model. Anahita is a graph architecture. We are also developing the React App for mobile devices first while accommodating larger screens too. I am also Studying a lot of implementations and design patterns that other React Redux Material UI projects have done and see if any of them can be used in Anahita. Once we pass this stage then our goals become more predictable and we can populate the issue tracker for specific implementations and assign them to different people. We can definitely get help from other React developers in our community.

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