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Rajkumar Mundel

Rajkumar Mundel

2 weeks ago

Any Specific date for the release of 1st version of Anahita-ReactJS

Any specific date for the release of 1st version of Anahita-ReactJS ?

Thank you :)

I wish I could tell, but we are solving a lot of design patterns for the first time and it's hard to come up with an estimate. Social networks are as complex as they get when it gets to applications, they can be quite elegant too. We are already using the Anahita React as a reference for a lot of our internal projects. We're going to keep building until it is ready. Quite likely as a new template for Anahita until it is stable enough, then we'll proceed with reducing the back-end code to APIs only. That's going to be fun!
:) Thank you for quick reply :). Yes I am eagerly waiting for Anahita React to use on Anahita on my phone as a web app :)

This part is still not started - "back-end code to APIs only" ??

Thank you :)
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Likewise here. We aren’t reducing the back-end to APIs until the React App is stable and in good shape to replace the current UI.
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Sure :)
You are doing brilliant work :). Cheers :)
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Thank you!

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