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Akgora Flip

Akgora Flip

May 12 2020

Want to add mobile number for signup and sign in process

Dear People,

Here I am developing a mobile application based on anahita backend.

I want to use mobile number for signup and sign in process, later will use mobile verification for signup 

can you please help me where can I take care of the new fields after I  add it to the DB..

Any clues or insights would be very help full.

Thanks in Advance and Kind Regards

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@Rastin Mehr
Have created a new Topic
Please guide me
I was thinking of adding a phone number and area code to the people_people table in the database but keep it optional. There will be no fields in the signup and account forms, but third-party developers can use the field for their own projects without having to make modifications to the core codebase.

Then you can develop some custom Anahita plugins to integrate with an external platform that sends a code via text message or push-notification and then you can use the code to authenticate the user.

Right now we don't want to add any new features to Anahita, especially if it requires building new user interfaces. That is until the React app is ready and we convert Anahita into an API-only service. Also, these external services don't pass the privacy compliance for scientific and healthcare projects that we do, so it is unlikely that we develop and maintain the code for it. You need to build authentication with a phone number on your own for now.

Did you have any particular service in mind?
Thanks for you reply,
At the moment thinking of Twilio OTP service.
we integrate this Service in our mobile app to verify the mobile number with OTP.
Then post the mobile number, username, email to the back-end .

once you add the mobile number to the database, can we use the mobile number as optional to sign in with API?
I can add the phone number and area code fields in the people_people table. You need to implement the Twilio integration plugins yourself. You can publish them on Github for others to use as well. I should be able to have the fields in one of the next two releases. I can't promise a time though.
Great, Twillo integration is on the client side. I will publish it once am i done.
can you please tell me where do we handle the validations for signup in the back-end?
for the moment i want to use the username field to allow only numbers , so i can use it as a mobile number for signing to the api.
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Maro  Ma
Maro Ma
January 17 2021 Permalink
Hello Rastin and Akgora: we are also looking to add Twilio sms Mobile Authentication for signup/login process

-Rastin: Has a “country+area code+phonenumber” to the people_people table in the database been added? -country is important since our user base is worldwide

-Akgora: What about the Twilio Integration plugin?
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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
January 22 2021 Permalink
We aren't adding those fields to the people_people table. You can capture and store them as metadata in a profile plugin. Please start a new topic so I can elaborate.
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Maro  Ma
Maro Ma
February 23 2021 Permalink
@Atest Akgora Flip

did you ever develop Anahita -Twilio plugin?

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