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Akgora Flip

Akgora Flip

1 week ago

Nginx configuration

Dear Rustin, Hope you are doing good.

installed the anahita on nginx and pointed the server root to /anahita/www folder.

I am able to load the index page. while when i click on the login button on the top right, i get a 404 error.

searched the blog and found the following


var $sef_rewrite = '1';var $caching = '0';var $debug = '1';Donephp anahita site:symlinkDonenginx restart cache clearDone.


implemented this but still no luck

also added this to the nginx default try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;

no luck.

I am forgetting some thing else

Your help will be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


Is this what you have?

Loading ...

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