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Rajkumar Mundel

Rajkumar Mundel

August 05 2020

Waiting for Anahita React :)

Waiting for Anahita React from long :). Need to validate one idea :)

Launch it Anahita React with Mobile number sign-up and Message ( one to one ) between users @Rastin Brother :)

#MobileSignup #Anahita

Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
August 05 2020 Permalink
Still undecided on that one. The problem is compliance. Most universities, healthcare, and scientific organizations want to be able to store all information within their region, so services such as #Twilio are often out of question. This wouldn't be a problem for consumer applications, because Privacy regulations aren't as strict. If any of our clients request such a feature, then we may consider adding this capability in the core.

in theory, it is possible to add this feature to Anahita right now using extensions. Here is a topic where I explained it

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