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Andre Grueter

Andre Grueter

3 weeks ago

An Installation issue ?

Hey Rastin, Photos, Todo, Pages, and Article are installed, as plugin, as an app, but not linking to user nodes or streams. What I miss from the early days is the plugin events. Is this gone ?

oot@anahita:/var/www/html/anachita/www# php /var/www/html/anachita/anahita package:install photos
Linking anahita/photos Package
...installing photos component
Go to Site Settings > Assignments, and there you can assign apps to different types of actors. If you set to Optional, the actor admins or person can decide to enable the app or not, otherwise. If you set it to Always, it shows on all actor profiles.

Did I answer your question?
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Yes, I made it two days ago like this, but not how to structure basic Site Pages, LIke Terms, About. I added you on skype 1 year ago; andygrueter ... may we can solve it quickly
I got working everything, just location maps not. First there where a missing js script in repo, which I grabbed then due the error from the Github: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404,

this was missing and i dont know if its enough to download only this script, but then no errors shows up, just blank maps: And we checked everything here:
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Found another issue: GIF Upload as Avatar becomes Static in Public Directory after upload: Example:
Are you building a custom template? The plyr library should be included in the main js library of Anahita. Anahita doesn't support gif files yet, because animations require some extra steps for resizing.
These are the base template layouts that you can override in your custom template

That's how you can hard code your menus and implement your own logic. You can create articles in a public group and place their links in your menu items. That's how our legal content work.

Another way is to create custom landing pages
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Don't go too elaborate on customizing Anahita's layouts. Once the Anahita React App is ready, we are removing the entire HTML layer from Anahita and turn her into an API only service. This transition will likely be complete in 6 to 8 months.
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I think you need to show me some stuff in a screeshare mode. And a greater API Description would be helpful. What is with the com_pages ?
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Of course, you can book for paid private consulting. Send us a message here for rates and I'll schedule a time for you
com_pages renders custom landing pages that you can develop using good old PHP while having access to the Anahita methods and API calls. There are some examples in the Shiraz template:

That's how this website's home page is built.
I made the localisation in a professional germand (informell version is better for engagement)
and Russia is in Progress.

I uploaded, as for your reference you can find it here:
How I enable the language to be dedected from the system ?

THE FILES you can download as ZIP Here:
On User I can programm a language field
a Browser Language Dedection would be nice in the Template
I could need some adhoc hours today from you:

Language Selector to get it work and one Selector Field on User Account Level
Anahita doesn't support language at the user level, so even if you add a selector field it wouldn't make a difference.

We will look into implementing this feature in the Anahita React app. In the client-server Anahita, langagues translation happens in the client-side and not the server side.
Wuaah. So not much left from the Koowa / Nooku framework.. This is super crucial. I can remember a discussion a few years ago: Switzerland still has 4 Languages. Belgium has 3, Luxenbourg has 2... What you estimate for the effort now to get this done ? Its already the comom 1 Moaning Point: "Its english", my Russian Friends moaning, we sent you a translation for russia, where it is :-) Make me a quote, but quick, and stream module for Groups or Peoples for Joomla and GravCMS please. I need it - lets have a call
No there isn't any Kooka and Nooku framework left. It's all Anahita now.

The feature you are asking for is natively supported by client-side apps. Right now when you develop a mobile, desktop, or web app, the app can detect the native OS language setting and use the appropriate translation file. We have that working in the Anahita React too.

Anahita is moving to become a client server architecture. Once the Anahita React app is ready, we are going to remove all the parts that are responsible for user interfaces and language files in the Anahita codebase. What we keep is the graph architecture and API layer. Views will only have JSON outputs.

If you are building any projects right now, I recommend building a client app for the user experience part and use Anahita as the back-end API only.
Do you have any example of an Client Side App ?
Translation I have done perfectly with Tech Companies in German, Italian, French, Russia for now

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