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Andre Grueter

Andre Grueter

3 weeks ago

An Installation issue ?

Hey Rastin, Photos, Todo, Pages, and Article are installed, as plugin, as an app, but not linking to user nodes or streams. What I miss from the early days is the plugin events. Is this gone ?

any possiblities to activate over an image magick video uploads / transcoding or we have to built this from scratch too ?
What I would like to ask you, to develop a module for joomla, and plugin for gravcms, where on the backend you can define a group stream or people stream to be rendered nicely and responsive on site, and a connect button for I asked Johan, (jinx) but he said, he will help to raise the community but I should the ask the Master to get this integration done and also maintained. So can we do this together ?
GIF support isn't a priority on our list, but you can look at com_photos and build your own com_gifs anahita app. You can build your own image magick server to process the gif files or use an external service such as
Would you please start a new topic per question? For example GIF support wasn't related to the original post that you did. I appreciate it.

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