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Akgora Flip

Akgora Flip

2 weeks ago

Restrict API access to public

Hi Rastin, hope you are doing well....!!

Could you help me out on how to restrict api data or access it by logging in only.

Example as this gives data access to anyuser on the web.  Is there a way to restrict by authenticating the user.Thanks in advance...!!!

Privacy setting per media node is set by the actor that owns the node. For example if a photo is on a person profile, the person gets to set the privacy. If a photo on a group profile, the group admins can set the privacy level.

When Anahita fetches the list of photos, it respects the privacy settings of each media node and displays them accordingly.

If you go to Site Settings > Apps > People you can set the default access for all person profiles, options are: registered, public.

Anahita is built with the idea of content and profiles to be open and accessible by default.
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Thanks Rastin...for your quick response that helped.

Another query is regarding Trending Hashtags is there a way to filter the search of hastags. If so how to customize the search criteria example hastags based on most likes etc. Could you help me out on this.
Thanks in advance...!!!
Are we talking about the database query that calculates the trending hashtags? What is it that you are trying to do?
Yes Rastin there a search API, where one can add customize filters to it.
You can technically use your own alternative com_search package. In your Anahita project directory called packages create: Search/src/components directories and then copy paste the com_search into it. Then you can install it like any other app. Anahita will use your new search package instead of it's own native search package. To revert, uninstall the search package and then re-symlink your Anahita installation: php anahita site:symlink
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Thanks Rastin, that was informative. We will check this out.
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