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Andre Grueter

Andre Grueter

2 weeks ago

3 Party oAuth

Hello Rastin, 

I didn't got linked-in working, nor facebook on the latest Build, that Peoples can use one existing account to login. I made some screenshots

When I click on Safari "Comment" on Stream on your site, It was pasted to some other topics...
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The Connect app is hibernating for a while until we re-implement OAuth in Anahita. I highly dought if we will be supporting Facebook and LinkedIn in the new Connect App. Instead, there will be support for services such as Google, GitHub, and probably Twitter. I will be posting an announcement about the apps that we are going to discontinue or rewrite.
I'll look into the Safari comment issue
Hi Rastin, the Connect App is a dremendous benefit and key for a new social engine/platform to attract others. I am open to disscuss a budget, but this has to work as advertised until the new oAuth Library has been completed. Also the Publish to Twitter, FB and LinkedIn is a requirement. So lets get this "propper" maintened, until it will be replaced in the core. Never crash core features ;-) I suggest we talk.
So, common

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