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Akgora Flip

Akgora Flip

3 weeks ago

Mailer function

HI Rastin,

Hope you are doing well..!!!

I have a query regarding mailer function in anahita setup.  I would like to know how to integrate other mail services like sendgrid etc.  Could you help me out to integrate other opensource mail services into the system.

Thanks in advance...!!!

#Mailer #MailService #Sendgrid

Akgora, if you look under the Site Settings > Configs > Mail Settings you should be able to enter the parameters and credentials to use an external service such as #Mailgun to send out email notifications. Have you tried it? Let me know if it worked.
Hi Rastin,

I would like to integrate it with Sendgrid. Is it possible, could you help me out in this context.
Thanks in advance....!!
I don't know, what don't you try it?
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Sure Rastin, will try it out. Thank You.
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That worked for me, Thanks Rastin....!!!
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Did it work? Was it easy? Share more for the rest of us, please!
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No Rastin that did not work it misleaded. Sorry for the wrong information, i am currently trying to integrate sendgrid for sending mails. Could you please help me out on this. Currently i generated api key using sendgrid account but how do i integrate into this system. Thanks in advance.
Oh, that's unfortunate. I haven't tried SendGrid with Anahita. As soon as we test one, I'll let you know. If you want to investigate yourself, look at these files:
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Thanks Rastin...will let you know if this does the job.

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