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Rastin Mehr

Rastin Mehr

November 17 2020

Rewriting Signup, Register, Password Reset, and Invites workflows

To improve the user experience, for the Anahita 4.5 release, we will rewrite the workflows in Signup, Register, Password Reset, and Invites. The following changes will happen:

1. SIGNUP will take the user directly to their profile. Right now, the user has to click on a token link that Anahita emails to them. We implemented the token link to prevent bots from signup for an account, but now google Recaptcha does a reasonably good job identifying bots.

2. we are going to remove the Add Person feature. Instead, Admins or registered members can send out email invitations with token links.

3. REGISTER is for users who have a token link, and we already have their email address. They have to provide their name and password to register. 

4. PASSWORD RESET sends out an email with a token link. When the user clicks on the token link, it directs them to the Password Reset form. After updating their password, they go to the login page. 

Some notes:

1. Both the Invite and Password Reset tokens will have expiry times.

2. We will develop a com_tokens component in the core library to reuse it in other Components such as Invites, People, and Anahita OAuth. 

3. We are removing facebook support from the Invites app and only keeping the email invites feature.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please post a comment below.

#Signup #Registeration #PasswordReset #Invite #UXDesign #UIDesign #Tokens

Rajkumar Mundel
Rajkumar Mundel
November 30 2020 Permalink
Suggestion -
Add mobile number signup #AnahitaMobile #Signup #Mobile.
These days email signup is outdated even for web application.
Rastin Mehr liked this
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
November 30 2020 Permalink
@rmundel, do you know a privacy-conscious mobile authentication service that we can integrate with?
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Rajkumar Mundel
Rajkumar Mundel
December 06 2020 Permalink
No. Let me read about that.

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