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Torkil Johnsen

Torkil Johnsen

February 17 2011


Just saw the news about the subscriptions app, and by popular request I'm starting a discussion in here regarding in-app purchases.

I am not proposing, nor wishing, but merely mentioning that there might be a market for in-app purchases. I am running a martial arts website where club owners can register their clubs, and for them it would be a welcome addition to be able to promote their club even further. It's a functionality much like the yellow pages, only that when you want to recruit more members maybe you want your club to appear on top in searches for your martial arts style or in searches for clubs in your area. So that's one idea you could spin off on if you want to.

Something not to be underestimated also, is people's willingness to buy "gold" memberships, merely for the "gold". I have a friend who used to work at a company who specialized in gaming servers and gaming server infrastructure. Their website of course had stats of all the best players and so on, and players could also buy "gold" subscriptions to get a few extra (minimal!) features plus a gold badge next to their profile name. He said that it was really the badge that turned people on :) So if one could sell extra features or just sponsorship memberships, then that would be cool. I think (hope!) that plenty of our members would want to support us by buying a gold membership, just to give us support, and nothing else. So that's another idea for you, although the "freemium" idea is really nothing I can take credit for :)

Then of course you have events. Anahita currently has no event app I guess, but how awesome wouldn't it be to be able to let people set up their events and then charge admission fees directly through your Anahita powered website? So not a subscription pr se, but an in-app purchase. That would be a huge technical and administrative burden lifted off of non-technical users' shoulders.

All in all: No new ideas, just old ones that have been proven to work, and that might work in an adapted format on Anahita Social Engine, what do I know? #suggestions

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Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
February 21 2011 Permalink

First I apologize for the late reply. We're working to have the Anahita Groups 1.0 birth release ready, so it's been taking up all our focus.

"It's a functionality much like the yellow pages"
"people's willingness to buy 'gold' "

I agree with you on the gold concept!

Right now with the Anahita Subscriptions you can create subscription packages. Each package comes with a price tag, duration, description, etc.

Then you can develop plugins and extensions that define how the business logic should be applied to other social apps with respect with a subscription package. In your case promoting somebody's groups.

"Then of course you have events. Anahita currently has no event app"

Yes, events are basically groups with an expiry date. Of course some additional features will make them further suitable for that purpose. Building an event App in Anahita is now quite simple. The reason we haven't developed one yet is because we don't yet have a critical mass of users who will be organizing events. It is part of our culture do develop apps that we will be using ourselves first. That is how we get to refine the design in the Anahita context rather than copying some other product's features and rebuilding it in Anahita. So there will be events apps for sure, it is just the matter of time.

"how awesome wouldn't it be to be able to let people set up their events and then charge admission fees directly through your Anahita powered website?"

Certainly true. Not only for organizing events, but other type of services too.

Question: if the owner of an Anahita powered social network would wanted to take a cut from all the eCommerce transactions happening on the social network (let's say 5-10%) are there any web apis and payment system companies out there that provide that?

Thank you so much for all the recommendations and suggestions. They are awesome!

Torkil Johnsen
Torkil Johnsen
February 21 2011 Permalink
I have no idea. You should ask David Deutch, he has implemented a lot of payment processors for AEC, so he might know.

One more thing: Adding expiry dates AND/OR locations to groups would be awesome. For example with a location(s) options, multiple coordinates if possible, you could have a "yellowpages" type of app where companies could list all their branches or offices by adding locations.
Hi Scott,

Yes it was. Welcome to Anahitapolis. :)
Coolio :)
Rastin Mehr
Rastin Mehr
April 08 2011 Permalink
"Very smooth process" thank you! that was a great complement :)

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