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Bent Rune Skulevold

Bent Rune Skulevold

March 24 2011

Web learning apps

I have tried to search for discussions about future possibility to connect web learning apps to Anahita. I could imagine collaborative web learning apps like whiteboards and other typical web learning apps found in systems like WiZiQ and Sclipo etc. would fit well into the Anahita framework.

Are there any thoughts on a future development of this, or maybe on making any bridge from any of the already existing systems, and/or maybe a LMS like moodle?

If there are no plans in the nearest future, I would like to ask for an advice on how to possibly/best solve this if using Anahita. I would not be surprised if this also was of interest to others?

Kind regards Bent Rune Skulevold

#elearning #onlinelearning #education #suggestions

Or in other words,
My dream scenario would be to be able to run live seminars, with audio/video + whiteboard etc. integrated in to a community with the possibility to work both on common as well as separate projects (including an acl function) with synchronized avatars etc. between the community, the LMS functions with the live seminar facilities mentioned (audio/video + whiteboard), integrated blog, integrated forum and registration/e-business system. I think some of the mentioned is already in the making, and some parts are even ready now as 1.0 - but is this realistic total scenario, or is it just a dream ? Kind regards Bent Rune

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